Syren De Mer, a mature stepmother, seduces her stepdaughter’s man.


Jay Crew couldn’t have anticipated who he’d wind up fucking when he returned to his date’s place for what he thought would be a pleasant fuck. Syren De Mer, his date’s new stepmother, is far more interested in a huge cock than knitting, and she’s taken hot college student Sia Lust under her wing as well. When Jay walks in on Sia and Syren pillow-humping and scissoring, he almost gets caught fooling about on a “tour” of the house. Jay then joins an impromptu threesome, narrowly escaping being caught for the second time. Sia and Syren manage to go away after draining Jay’s cock of all its cum, leaving Jay and Sia’s sister to take the fall for infidelity.

Date: September 1, 2021